Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Congress's Dangerous Ideology

Karnataka State Assembly elections May 2018. Congress finished a scrappy 5 year term and the people voted them out giving BJP a 104 seat mandate, 7 short of a simple majority. Congress performed badly and lost 43 seats compared to 2014 finishing 2nd with 78 seats. JD[S] the third party in the fray closed at 38, 2 seats lesser compared to their last outing. In summary, BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats with Congress and JD[S] a distant second and third.

The state governor has invited BJP to form the govt, but longterm bitter foes and arch enemies JD[S] and Congress have swallowed their pride and shed their self respect to form an alliance in a bid to form the next government. Both put thogether can deliver a simple majority government of 116 MLA's but the crux of the matter is not mathematics but ideology. Their ideology is simple, we will now allow Modi to win, we will do anything and everything possible to defeat him and keep BJP out of power. Keeping up with this idelogy Congress the senior partner, a national level party and an incumbent with 78 seats has offered Kumarswamy of JD[S] with 38 seats the CM post in a bid to keep him away from BJP.

What does this say about Congress who has had a long running war with JD[S]. Congress is ready to ally and partner with anyone who will help it keep Modi and BJP out of power. So if in a election in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh if Congress falls short of a simple majority will they ally with Owaisi's and offer him the CM post just to keep Modi and BJP out. Watching today's alliance drama Congress will sleep with the devil to retain power or keep Modi out of power. This is Congress's dangerous ideology we have to be careful about.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone...Congress were in a pre-poll alliance with SDPI [PFI] the Islamic terrorist organization of Kerala, posing as a secular political outfit, trying to expand into Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with the help of Congress.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What Congress want from the Ram Janm Boomi [RJB] case?

A learned lawyer has written a piece in the Swarajyamag outlining Kapil Sibal's agenda, nice read but I am not sure it does justice to the title. I on the other hand have a different take on Congress perfidious objective behind opposing the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Congress political position has been to promote a compromise and capitulation formula for the Hindus. Hindus should give up exclusive claims to the 'Ram Janm Sthan'. Basically Congress wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, meaning it wants to retain its Muslim vote bank by appearing to be their savior by stopping Hindu's from taking over the entire land exclusively and at the same time appear to be a champion for the Hindu cause by ensuring a Ram Janm Bhoomi temple howsoever compromised this formula may be for the Hindu's. Knowing very well the Hindu mindset for compromise, Congress is playing its cards to roll back Hindu aspirations. I can already hear many Hindu's say 'at least we got a temple...all is well'

I am not a hawk but I want Hindu' 'aastha' and belief to be respected and given full recognition but surely not through a compromise formula. Its common knowledge that thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed over 500 years of Islamic domination....today Hindus are asking but for minuscule fraction of that loss to be restored. How difficult is it in our own homeland.

Below are links to my video interview with Koenraad Elst, foremost expert on the Ram Janm Bhoomi case and has appeared in court on many occasions to provide evidence on the existence of a Hindu temple under the Babri mosque.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Christian Conversion Love and Love Jihad, a K. Balachander movie

Christian Conversion Love and Love Jihad...an age old phenomenon, a topic disucussed even in Tamil movies [Kalyana Agathigal by K.Balachander] way back in 1985...is it still possible in India today?

The Christian church and the Islamist wielded less influence and power than they do today. Today they will silence such open discussion under the euphemism of freedom of religion, facism, growing Hindutva, intolerance and some such drivel. I guess as a society we should openly discuss relgious conversion and Love Jihad and make people aware.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hindu Deities Worshipped in Japan!

A must watch documentary on the deep cultural roots India and Japan share!

Monday, May 22, 2017

David Mulford US Ambassador to India on the 'Rise and rise of India'

A must watch speech by former US Ambassador to India, David Mulford about rise of India and how Modi is changing India in a big way which will have very far reaching impact. Its very interesting to note that a foreigner and a former Ambassador has better understanding of India's economic growth, challenges, positive policy changes, governance in India than so called Indian arm chair experts. 

Acknowledgement of Pakistan attack on Indian Parliament, time stamp 00:8:00 min
Acknowledgement of Indian surgical strike, time stamp 1:00:00
On Pakistan being declared a state sponsor of terrorism, time stamp 1:02:00

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Media Mafia and Social Media

Fantastic speech by Vivek Agnihotri in 3rd India Ideas Conclave on Media Mafia and how Social Media is rocking the establishment boat.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Movie: Agora, Conversion template perfected in ancient Greece and Rome

Agora is a historical movie made in 2009 recounting true historical events and facts. The movie hit controversies when made. The Vatican demanded a preview of the movie before release and demanded many cuts and changes. It was also blocked at several movie fairs and movie festivals by the Church and organizers. Many progressive European countries outrightly banned it.   

The movie follows the life of Greek scientist and astronomer Hypatia. The movie is set in ancient Alexandria, Egypt, a great center of learning - Alexandria was home to scientists, philosophers, scientific thinking and probably the greatest and biggest library in the western world which housed scrolls and books of wisdom and science from ancient times. In 391 A.D. Christians clergy in their continuous quest to convert and impose their religion on people conspired to undermine ancient Greek culture and violently usurp power with the aid of neo converts and disgruntled slaves destroying the classical civilization of Greece and Egypt.

Agora is a movie which has special significance for Indians because we are at this moment witnessing such a conspiracy at various levels to undermine the ancient culture and civilization of India. Whether its through mass media, movies, Judiciary, religiously motivated political blocs India's ancient Hindu culture and civilization is continuously under attack.

Viewers will recognize the template which the Christians perfected nearly two thousands years back in Greece, Rome and Egypt. Its about deception, inculturation, undermining law and order machinery, undermining and influencing political decisions, campaigning against Hindu traditions in the name of progress and modernity is visible and exposed in this movie. Indians, especially Hindus should watch this movie and be doubly sensitized and aware to the Christian shenanigans. Their attempt to Christianize India is not purely through conversation but also by taking over the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature of the country to wield more power than their small numbers allow. Its a dark game, its a evil game played by the so called Devine Christian Church.

Link to movie Agora

Monday, August 8, 2016

Its time we put Country before religion!

MA Convent a school in Allahabad UP has banned the singing of the National anthem for the last 12 years. As per the school management the explanation for the ban is given below.

Source: New Indian Express
The Principal and 7 teacher's have resigned while the school management has stuck its position using religious tenets and injunctions to support the ban of the National anthem in the school. The school management has been arrested in the meantime. MA convent is not a Christian run school.

Source: New Indian Express
Indian government and political class for the past 68 years have been unable to separate religion from politics and have used religion as a tool for appeasement and votes. Constitutionally we have applied the label of 'Secular' but are far from practicing it. Secularism in practice is a burden only the Hindus has to bear, while the rest are exempt from it.

In India freedom to practice ones religion has been taken to the extreme level where religion has been put before the country and national interest. This has gone on for the last 68 years in the name of minority appeasement and vote bank politics.

1. Banning of Satanic Verses to appease Mullah's and making freedom of expressing a one way street. India was the first and only non-Muslim secular country do so.

2. Minority appeasement governing foreign relations, specifically with Israel

3. Shah Bano case and special Muslim personal law for Muslims was instituted which actually sanctions and approved Sharia. First non-Muslim secular country to do so.

4. Permission to use loudspeakers to call the 'faithful' to prayers 5 times a day 365 days a year, starting at 5:00 am is allowed in India, the only non Muslim secular country to do so. Never mind the fact that Supreme Court has banned use of loud speakers after 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. On this point I want to point out that people who want to go to the mosque to pray can always set an alarm, they dont need to wake up the rest of the country. In Bangalore where I live 3 mosques use their loudspeakers simultaneously right next to a very famous and large cardiology hospital. 

5. Travel subsidy for religious pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem. Hindus dont get any such special treatment. In fact religious charity is a big concept in the Islamic and Christian religions, the rich among them should be encouraged to contribute towards religious pilgrimage rather than a secular government subsidizing religious travel.

6. India is the only non Muslim secular country which allows and even funds Madarsa's which have become breeding ground for terrorist and radical thinking.

These are just few instances that come to mind. There are many instances where minority appeasement which has lead to a situation where religious minorities have placed religion before the country without paying heed to the fact that its the Indian nation and the constitution which allows for such freedom.

Its time the government of India applies the uniform civil code and ensures a standard policies for all citizens of India irrespective of religious belief. If India is a secular nation then lets apply the principals of secularism uniformly and fully to all.

1. Ban all religious institution Hindu, Muslim and Christian. Government should allow only secular schools private or government. Religious teaching should not be institutionalized but rather make it the prerogative of the individual or individual religious groups. 

2. Wearing religious symbols or dress code to school and work place should be banned.

3. Government should standardize the curriculum and secularize the content not leaning towards any religious group.

4. All schools should be provided and drilled in secular model of conduct. The operation of the school which includes dress code, prayer code, National anthem, oath of allegiance to the nation of India and its constitution among other things should be included.

5. Basic and compulsory military training for all students which instills identity and discipline among the youth.

6. Revoke breaks in work day for prayers or religious activities. Work place should be devoid of religious symbolism. 

These are just a few recommendations, this list can be extended to all walks of life. I welcome additional points in the comments section.


A further update from Tufail Ahmed article in Firstpost on how a secular govt. cannot and should not fund minority institutions dated 9/08/2016

Source: Tufail Ahmed, Firstpost